House Smoky Jollof Rice

Guess what! I am actually keeping to my promise! Do you like me now or not? Yes you do.

So, this is a top secret: I used to be scared of Jollof rice. The first time I ever made it. Sighs, horrible, well in my defense I was about 13. It turned out this way: the rice was uncooked and whole thing soggy. Let’s say my mum didn’t know what happened while she was away.I refrained from it ever since then.

Two weeks ago, I decided to get rid of that memory and try it out again. And guess what it came out amazing. I actually called my friends to come eat, they really didn’t know I was celebrating a victory over a traumatizing experience. And being honest, It was so good.

I made it again and two different people tasted it and had this to say:

See I’m not just manufacturing stories.

The best kind of Jollof rice is made with firewood, but I didn’t have access to using that because I didn’t want to be kicked out my apartment so I made use of what I have, still came out amazing. It is easy to nail, easy to mess up. I think I have mastered my own method.



5 Cups of Long Grain Rice



Dried Chilli Peppers

Tomato Puree

Seasoning Cubes

Cooking Oil


  1. Parboil your rice and run it under cold water to stop the cooking. I did this to reduce the starch in the rice to reduce the stickiness and not have the jollof looking like Ghan…oops. Just kidding.  img_2687
  2. In a blender, combine your tomatoes, onions, chilli peppers and tomato paste. Most people would not add the tomato paste at this point but I did, because badass and stubborn.IMG_2690.jpg
  3. In a pot boil this mix till the water reduces a little bit not totally till it burns, your alarm goes off, your house burns, and the fire truck…okay I took it too far. img_2699
  4. In another pot (yes you can and will wash them after), add some oil and fry the pepper mix in it.IMG_2703.jpg
  5. After awhile of frying it (I don’t know why I forgot to snap it frying haha because it was popping and I didn’t want it popping and ruining my swag and skin). Now add in the parboiled rice with your seasoning and stir it. With a wooden spoon! So the grains don’t break. Smart right? img_2710
  6. Add some chicken/beef stock, just a little and put it on low heat and cover it with foil and let it cook. You don’t want to drown the rice with too much stock; that’s murder, if it seems to be drying without being fully cooked add some more stock.IMG_2713.jpg
  7. Check on it and when it is almost cooked and then at this stage, cut up some onions and add it to the pot. This was a beautiful sight. img_2722
  8. Now you can let it sit on high heat, replace the foil, this is where you let it burrrrrrn. The burning on the bottom gives it that flavor combined with the cooking onions. The aroma was heavenly. After about ten minutes. It is ready. img_2728

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