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One of the most popular orders. Smoked goatmeat made with love tossed in a spicy scotch bonnet blend. This pepper sauce lays claim as one of the spiciest sauces in Nigerian cuisine. When we say spicy we mean pepper spicy. We have crafted a spice level that allows you enjoy the unique flavor of smoked goatmeat. 

Product Handling: Each product comes in a carefully packed temperature-controlled bag. Please place the contents of your bag in the fridge immediately. 

Product Quantity:

Small: 1.25lbs, 3 servings.

Medium: 2.5lbs, 6 servings

Large: 5.0lbs, 12 servings 

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10 reviews for Asun

  1. Damisola

    Ordered for Thanksgiving and it was perfect. The whole family loved it. Highly recommend. It was spicy, soft, succulent, all in all, mouthwatering (literally & figuratively).

  2. Pelumi Hassan

    This asun is easily my favorite!! It literally tastes amazing and every bite leaves you wanting more . It tastes like joy and happiness. 100% recommend. It is spicy just the way I like it too. Great for spicy food lovers like myself.

  3. Ngozi

    Your asun and puffpuff are extremely delicious and yummy. Usually puff puff is meant to be eaten fresh because it doesn’t taste good microwaved but yours after four days tastes fresh microwaved. Definitely will be ordering again and again.

  4. Obosa Nosa-Igiebor (verified owner)

    Listen, this is the best Asun I have ever tasted in this country, it taste exactly like home 😩😩. So good that I already ordered another one and I only just got my first order lol

  5. Rafat A (verified owner)

    A simple dish executed perfectly! I am officially hooked. I plan on trying every single item this man makes after a taste of this Asun. Well done!

  6. Motola (verified owner)

    Taste really good and came right in time.

  7. Diddy (verified owner)

    This right here, people, this right here is the truth!

    I was curious to see how the package was going to come through given I’m all the way in the East Coast, and I have to tell you, the packaging was exceptional! Now, don’t get me started on the taste. Mind-blowing, c’est la magnifique (pardon my pidgin French) – the right amount of spice and all. Literally didn’t want it to finish. I will recommend 11 times out of 10.

  8. Jane Ada

    I JUST WOKE UP FROM THE FOOD COMA I PUT MYSELF IN LAST NIGHT FROM THE MEAT PIES AND TGE SAUSAGE ROLLS I ORDERED!! I know I said I was going to post on this Asun yesterday for dinner but it turned breakfast. My goodnesssssss!!! If they read the list of all the things I’ve done right in this lifetime?! Ordering from ALL I DO IS COOK is high up there!! This Asun took me straight to Lagos!! ONE WAY BUSINESS CLASS!!!! To be very honest. I have to ask if it’s jazz(witchcraft) because there’s no way this Asun was made here in this USA. Like HOOOOOOWWWWWW?!!! HOWWWW!!!!! Ah ah!!! Everything tastes like I’m inside one dope ass beer parlor sipping on my mimosa(Palm Wine and Stout) on a hot summer day. MY GODDDDDD!!! THE MEAT IS SOOOOOO SOFT AND JUICY!! THE PEPPER IS JUST RIGHT AND SOOOO DELICIOUS YOU DONT EVEN KNOW WHEN UR PICKING UP STRAIGHT PEPPER AND ONIONS AND U CANT CARE CUZ ITS SOOOO FLAVORFUL!! The right size for people to share with you(with YOU! Not ME. They can share with YOU because I will not accept any longa throat. But when I finish my own, biko, ma binu, But you gotta share baby!!!! If not?! I STEAL IT!!) on a serious note, this Asun made my whole day, its only 11:05am but I’m eating it and drinking big stout because honestly? It deserves the respect. Like HOW is it that EVEN AFTER IVE FINISHED THE MEAT THERES STILL FLAVOUR IN MY MOUTH?!!!!! I’m currently setting aside 4 pieces only for my parents. 2 each. The reason is because they will order and I will go to their house and pick it up before postal service even delivered it. I’ve been spreading the world only because of my greed. Anyhouse I go to MUST HAVE TOBI’s ASUN!! The tenderness, the juiciness, the SPICE!!!!!!!! I ordered the small but na me fu*k up. I wasn’t using sense when I ordered because clearly an extra large is my size!! If ur gonna order a small?! SAVE URSELF THE HEARTACHE OF WAITING DAYS FOR UR NEW BACTH TO ARRIVE!! Don’t be me. Don’t be silly. I feel so sorry for anyone who will try and serve me Asun that’s not from AllIDoIsCook. I’m gonna sue you and pick you up! Try it!! Again. Thank you sooooooo muchhhhh, I thought I knew love. Just not like this. Wow. Bless ur hands Tobi!!!!

  9. tunmi (verified owner)

    What else can I say that hasn’t been said. I ordered asun along with 2 soups and I was concerned because I’m on the East Coast. So I kept watching that delivery updates like a hawk. Then it arrived.
    1. The packaging is professional!! The plastic covering must be atomic proof because the food tastes good till today (8/12) and I ordered it on May 24th and it arrived on May 30th.
    2. The asun was pepperyy… and apparently too much for my stomach. However… we die here. I had a few with some white rice and when I tell you this thing is delicious…THIS THING IS DELICIOUS. On top the stomach pain the following day, I had about 4 more helpings until I decided to gift it to someone whose stomach can handle.
    3. The meats are perfectly cut and they are the right size. The assortments – from goat meat, to skin, to ponmo….aii no, bros you do well. The meats were flavorful and they were the right toughness. It wasn’t a WWIV struggle but it wasn’t pap either.


    4. I’m still going to order more. Something must sha kill person. Now imagine this with a milkshake combo (for the lactose intolerant in me) and a lovely irokotv or Yoruba movie…kuku take the next day off because it will be WORTH IT!

  10. Ayo (verified owner)

    The best asun I’ve had in such a long time. It’s truly spicy and I mean SPICY, but not so spicy that you can’t enjoy the taste of the food. It’s also so perfectly tender so I’m not spending hours chewing my meat. 10/10 would recommend, and will be buying again.

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