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One of the best pieces of pastry you will eat. Crafted from family recipes passed down to us, with a beautiful buttery crust packing the most flavorful ground beef filling. Each order contains a dozen (12) pies.  

Product Handling: Each product comes in a carefully packed temperature controlled bag. Please place the contents of your bag in the fridge immediately. 


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4 reviews for Meat Pies

  1. Baby

    Hands down the best meatpie in Houston. It starts from the amazing pastry. Not too hard, not too soft, just perfect. Very tasty filling to finish it off. Craving some as I type.

  2. Dami (verified owner)

    Those meat pies were amazing!!! The dough and fillings were just perfect. I can snack on them all day, everyday. Will definitely be ordering some more

    Execellent job

  3. Playetta (verified owner)

    I struggle with dough making, and I struggle with meatpie dough because they are always so tough and so chin Chinny! These ones are thin and yum and soft!!!!

    I love how he sends them in the cute food bags, evidently some thought has gone into this. I love it , I really do.

    Tip – heat them up in the oven, 4mins on 375…. gives it a fresher feel than the microwave

  4. Asun connoisseur

    The Asun was the best I’ve ever tasted. Better than all the Asun I’ve had in Nigeria!

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