Sausage Rolls

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A popular Nigerian snack that has evolved over the years. Our sausage rolls have been carefully created, packed with a flavorful filling. With options of regular pork sausage meat or turkey sausage meat wrapped in a buttery and signature dough. 

Quantity: 1 Dozen (12 pieces)

Product Handling: Each product comes in a carefully packed temperature controlled bag. Please place the contents of your bag in the fridge immediately. 

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2 reviews for Sausage Rolls

  1. Seun A,

    My husband and I are having a lovely time. Devouring these sausages. Lovely!!!

  2. Jane Ada

    I’m back AGAAINNNN!!!!!!! So I bought the sausage rolls?!!MY GOD-NESS!! Not GOODNESS!! MY GOD-NESS!!!!!! This not those sausage rolls that all you see is meat with an “Ok” flavor. NO!!!! This is the queen of sausage rolls in ALL OF HER GOODNESS!!!! I’m literally typing this with a roll in my mouth phone in hand, crumbs droppin on my shirt as I type this. God help me. What took me so long to order?! The first FOUR I devoured, every single bite I could SEE the yumminess in it. Bits of pepper and chunks of pork and other ingredients I could see AND TASTE!! You remember back in the day when you would go to those Naija eateries and order a sausage roll?! THIS IS ABOVE IT!!! TOP CLASS!! I FEEL LIKE IM BETRAYING MY PAST BUT IM BEING REWARDED BY GOD AT THE SAME TIME!!!! I literally saw a review saying to put it inside the oven instead of the microwave and and I did just that! They’re sitting by me rn as I rewatch Nneka the pretty serpent, I’m only watching this because this is the first memory tied to my sausage roll experience when I was younger in Nigeria. I was given the sausage roll as a bribe by my older cousins so I would not to tell on them for watching this real life wickedness. But this sausage roll is crispy but soft and JUICY. I wanna be wrapped in the sausage roll tbh. It’s where I belong. I don’t even have time or strength to post reviews on anything but no no no, this needed it. I’m pretty sure other people haven’t reviewed because they finished eating and died from happiness, but before I die, I had to leave this last letter to my loved ones of what killed me finish. It was Tobi. It was his food. I died happy. I REGRET NOTHING AT ALL! After almost 2 decades of not having one of these and using GALA(I’m NOT saying they’re the same class!! I’m saying where else we wan find sausage rolls except the originals?! TOBI IS THE ANSWER!!!) to substitute greatness. I’m glad I died like this. I will resurrect in time to review the Asun. It’s currently getting ready for dinner. But for now?! I DIED A HAPPY WOMAN!! Thank youuuuuu

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